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Keith F. Rouse has indepth experience in both business and the fine arts that he brings to the practice of law.  This experience provides Keith with a unique insight and understanding of a client's legal issues, which often involves more than just the legal issue at hand.  Keith provides his clients with compassionate attention to their legal issues.

The staff at the Law Office of Keith F. Rouse is available to assist you whenever you have a question.  Each staff member works directly with Keith and is able to convey your questions or concerns directly to him.  You can contact the office staff members at the  Law Office by telephone or by email.


Law Office of Keith F. Rouse
600 S. Lake Avenue, Suite 507
Pasadena, CA

(626) 449-4211


Kimberly Rouse
Kimberly Rouse is a certified paralegal and the Office Manager for the Law Office of Keith F. Rouse.  Kimberley has several years experience preparing bankruptcy petitions and providing Keith with litigation assistance.  Kimberley is married to Keith's son, Andrew, a real property appraiser.  You can email Kimberly at


Lisa Koyama
Lisa is Keith's legal assistant and is primarily responsible for preparing bankruptcy petitions, managing all bankruptcy filings and bankruptcy records management.  Lisa maintains the files for each bankrupty case and can provide clients with accurate information about the status of their case.  Lisa can be contacted at  

Michal Henderson

Michal is Keith's personal secretary.  Michal has direct access to Keith and is responsible for maintaining his calendar and scheduling his appointments.  Michal can assist you whenever you need information or you require special attention in relaying your legal questions to Keith.

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